How to impress a girl

Welcome to the post How to impress a girl. Do you like a girl and you want to impress her? Although you can’t force him to fall in love with you, you can definitely make him fall in love. In today’s post I will discuss how to impress a girl.

If you want to impress a girl or talk to her and you don’t know how to do it, in this post you will find complete information about it. Here we will share with you a way to impress girls, which will help you to impress any girl.

You need to know some tricks to impress or attract any girl, then the girl will start talking to you on her own. Or you can use these tips to make your girlfriend angry.

10 way to impress a girl

Impressing girls is not easy but if you follow the right method you can easily seduce any girl. When we want to talk to a girl but don’t know her, we enlist the help of friends to talk to her. Using these 10 tips you can know How to impress a girl.

1. Appreciate

Praise for seducing a girl: If you want to seduce a girl, you must praise her. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can do it easily. For this if you want, you can start complimenting her with friends, then compliment her in front of her, she will start to be attracted towards you. Similarly, you can do the following steps.

You think about his choice. It could be his smile, his writing, his wit or whatever you think is his best quality.

You do not have to be alone to compliment her, you can do it among her friends but try to compliment her personally. Only then will you know his gestures.

You can also impress a girl with text messages and SMS messages. It can be a short and loving rhythm like SMS. Share three or four lines about his best qualities Say something like “Your dress suits you very well” or “I like your dress” or instead say “You look great in these outfits. I mean congratulations to the girl with the dress too”.

2. Make him feel special

Find some small way to make him feel that you see him as a unique person (special) and he will definitely notice. Don’t ignore him and don’t give too much emotion. You should not be busy using mobile or chatting with anyone while talking to him. If he sends you a message, send him a message immediately. If she wants to talk, try to make time for her, even if it’s a little uncomfortable for her.

Let him talk. The biggest mistake when talking to a girl is when you only focus on yourself. Girls talk about common interests more easily when they talk. It lets you know about his happiness and sorrow.

Ask her about her interests, favorite books, hobbies, music, movies, dances, etc. If he asks you a question, answer it in short sentences and then return the question to him. This will increase his interest in the conversation.

Start a secret joke with him! By doing this, you will be able to share a secret relationship between the two of you. It will make him feel special, included and close to you. This will make it easier for you to start a conversation.

But keep in mind that if you use that secret trick too much, it can quickly fade into fun.

3. Talk to her

Some guys sometimes talk nonsense by mistake. But when you are around that girl, try your best to limit it. Before you speak, think for a few seconds about what you should say.

Just be interested in her, don’t talk about other girls in front of her. It may be a good idea to make him jealous of you, but don’t do it. Discussing the beauty of other girls in front of her will make you feel like a floating and restless person.

Avoid being a hooligan. Avoid insulting people and being careless with them. If he tells you something funny, he will take it that way. Don’t even tell a dirty joke about him. There is a time and place for this kind of humor – like when you are with your male friends. Do not treat the girl like that. Love him and feel honest.

4. Stay in his memory

Do something so that he remembers you, his heart and mind are yours. It allows you to comfort her whenever she is in a depressed mood and show that you want to take care of her. Always get along well with him. Smile when you see him, have fun so you can laugh with each other.

A girl can be your friend, girlfriend, lover, wife, sister, mother, anyone you want to impress. But here we are only talking about the girl you want to impress.

5. Forgive her mistake

We should not be angry with the person we love so that his mistakes do not seem to be his fault. You also need to forgive the girl if you want to impress her. Whatever you tell him, say it thoughtfully.

If he has done you any harm, forgive him and make him feel like you. For this you can ignore his mistake.

Always be polite to him. Being polite does not mean that you are disgusting – it means that you know how to treat others with respect, a quality that most girls want in their boyfriends. Show the girl that you can take care of everyone, not just her, by doing these things for everyone.

Avoid swearing or saying bad things in public or around certain people. There is nothing wrong with being rude to your friends, but try to show your best to those you don’t know well.

6. Create a new or different effect

After being away for a while, you will have the opportunity to make another new impression when you are ready to meet him. If you do it right, he will see you in a whole new way. Ways to impress girls.

When you feel that you are close to meeting her again, try to look as beautiful as you can. That way, you won’t find yourself in an unintentional situation when you do the next soldering with it.

7. Update yourself

Spend time improving and updating yourself. Always keep a smile on your face. Use perfume on the body, it will easily impress any girl. Stay away from elders while smoking. He will try to keep any secrets to share with you.

Learn to take control of your life. If you feel that certain aspects of your life are out of your control – be it school, your career or finances – it’s time to stop. Find out what you need to do to stabilize your position.

Yes, girls are attracted to boys who control their lives. But the best part is that you have faith in yourself and you can convince yourself that everything is going your way, because you did it yourself.

Take steps to enhance your beauty. Try to tighten your routine a bit and then see how it affects your self-esteem. Pay extra attention to your skin, try to give your hair a different texture, take regular baths, use a new colon and much more.

8. Follow him on social media

Nowadays everyone uses social media. Similarly, nowadays, everyone from children to the elderly has an account on social media, be it Facebook or Instagram, TickTock or Twitter.

So follow any girl of your choice everywhere and like her pictures and make nice comments, impress the girl a little, she also needs to be considered special on social media.

There are also people who make dirty comments on their Instagram or Facebook to impress girls. You should never do anything dirty or crazy.

9. Talk to her every day and take care of her

If you want to impress a girl, first give her time, otherwise she will be impressed by someone else. Try to find out if his heart is open. Then try to get the girl to be your friend and talk to you.

Then talk to her for a short time each day. Chat, wake up in the morning and send good morning pictures. This will make you like that girl.

Listen carefully to his every word and give him a positive answer. Show interest in what he is talking about. If the girl is not interested in talking to you, you should follow her, it is very important for good self-esteem.

In order to impress the girl, first of all build a good relationship with the girl. Whether she is your girlfriend, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship only lasts in the future and girls also choose boys who are in a relationship. Learn to take care of whatever you are about.

10. Give him importance

If you want to seduce a girl then you must give importance to her. Can never be neglected. If he is arrogant, try to reduce his arrogance. Pay as much attention to his words as possible. You have your eye on her so she can understand. You pay attention to it. Stop playing on mobile while talking to him.

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Hopefully, How to impress a girl You liked this post. If you follow the above tips, you will definitely be impressed by that girl. Remember to never cross the line if you want to impress a girl.

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