20 best breakfast weight loss

Welcome to this post 20 best breakfast weight loss. Breakfast plays an important role in determining your energy levels for the rest of the day. In the morning, your body needs nutrients, energy and plenty of fiber to function throughout the day. Those who are overweight should pay special attention to breakfast in the morning. It is very important to keep good breakfasts for weight loss in your diet.

If you think that skipping breakfast or eating less will lead to weight loss, you are most mistaken. Skipping breakfast slows down metabolism and makes it harder to burn calories. Can breakfast help you lose weight? Eating a proper breakfast can help you lose weight easily.

Losing weight is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, motivation and control. But if you are aware of your food, you can easily reduce your excess weight. Now I will share with you what is the best breakfast for weight loss and also tell you the best weight loss breakfast. Let’s talk about healthy weight loss breakfasts.

Best breakfast for weight loss

A healthy breakfast prepares the body for the day. So breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. Just as exercise is important to lose weight, if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to make some changes in the time of eating breakfast.

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Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Needless to say, after 8 to 10 hours of sleep, your stomach is empty and your body is dehydrated. Nothing can be better than a glass of water at such a time. This water will instantly energize you and at the same time boost your metabolism, which is the key to weight loss. Now it’s time for breakfast. Here is a list of good breakfasts for weight loss.

No.Best breakfast weight loss
1 Eggs
2Wheat Germ
5blond psyllium
7Protein Pancakes
11Green Tea
12Chia Seeds
16Peanut Butter
18Wild Salmon
19Ground Turkey
20Chicken Breast
Best weight loss breakfasts


Best breakfast foods for weight loss
Best breakfast foods for weight loss

Eggs are a protein-rich food. Any age person can eat an egg for breakfast. In addition to protein, it contains vitmin d, various types of amino acids, and vitamins. But if you want to lose weight, avoid omelets and try to eat boiled eggs.

Do you know that you can lose weight by eating eggs in three ways? Eating eggs keeps the stomach full for a long time, so hunger is reduced. As a result, the need to eat more is reduced, so weight is also reduced. Many people think that eating egg yolk increases cholesterol levels in the body. But what you may not know is that egg yolks can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. But you must eat eggs according to the rules.

You can keep eggs on your daily food list to lose weight. But not fried eggs or poached eggs, eat eggs these three ways. Let’s know how to eat eggs if you want to lose weight.

  1. Take water in a pot and mix little vinegar in it. When the water boils, break the egg into it. After a while, gently lift the pooch out of the water. All the nutrients of the egg can be found in this pouch. And excess belly fat is reduced.
  2. If you have salad on your daily menu, add scrambled eggs to make it fresh. Mix pepper and lemon juice with it. It will match the nutritional quality of the whole egg. And the fat will fall quickly.
  3. Oatmeal can be mixed with eggs. Oatmeal prevents the accumulation of excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. And eggs provide protein. Eating oatmeal and eggs together will not increase fat.

Wheat Germ

Flour derived from wheat contains nutrients for physical health. Flour bread is easily digested. Constipation is not hard. Increases hunger. Reduces fat gain. As a result, the body is healthy and strong. If you gain weight, eat flour bread instead of rice and lose weight.

Flour is made from wheat. Which is very nutritious. Every 100 grams of flour contains 12.3 grams of fat, 69.4 grams of sugar, 48 milligrams of calcium, and 11.5 milligrams of iron. Moreover, there are carotene 29 micrograms, vitamin B-1 0.49 mg, vitamin B-2 0.29 mg. Contains 1.9 grams of fiber, 2.9 grams of minerals and 12.2 grams of water. So it can be said that wheat germ are good breakfast food for losing weight.


Banana is the best breakfast weight loss. Bananas contain more sugar than any other fruit. For example, one cup of sliced ​​apples contains 60 calories. On the other hand, 130 calories are available in that amount of bananas. Calorie-rich foods are harmful for those who want to lose weight.

Bananas contain many nutrients other than sugar. Potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B and C in it are very beneficial for the body. In addition, bananas contain a sufficient amount of fiber. Which helps in digestion and also fills the stomach. This results in a reduced appetite for other foods. Due to this the risk of weight gain is less.

Nutritionists say that those who like to eat bananas can keep bananas in their diet instead of different foods. It will help in weight loss.

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Best breakfast foods Yogurt for weight loss
Best breakfast foods Yogurt for weight loss

Like milk, curd also has great nutritional value. Sour curd is a very useful food in summer. Yogurt is very effective in solving various physical problems! According to nutritionists, if you can eat at least one cup of sour yogurt daily, it is possible to keep away several physical problems forever.

Many people try hard to lose weight. Sour yogurt is a key tool for weight loss. Sour yogurt is very low in fat. Apart from this, if you can practice eating fruit with sour yogurt, you will feel less hungry. Sour yogurt is very low in fat. Therefore, it helps in weight reduction. And sour yogurt is one of the healthy foods that are especially helpful in lowering blood cholesterol.

Blond psyllium

Blond psyllium are very beneficial for the human body. This foods helps prevent various diseases. It contains insoluble and soluble dietary fiber which is very good for constipation. Cures diarrhea and stomach infections. Treats acidity problems. Effective in weight loss. Removes waste products from the stomach and improves digestion. Its dietary fiber lowers cholesterol levels and protects against heart disease. Helps control diabetes or polyuria.

Another reason blond psyllium is helpful for weight loss is that it is low in calories. According to nutritionists, every two tablespoons of bran contains only 32 calories. If the husk of Isabgul is mixed with water, it swells up to 10 times its actual size. As a result, the stomach is full for a long time, and the appetite is reduced.

Must remember

Drink plenty of water before and after consuming blond psyllium. Because this husk becomes like a sticky liquid as soon as it is mixed with water. So drink more water and spread the husk well in the body. First start with half spoon of husk. Aim to eat two tablespoons per day.

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Sprouted chickpeas

If you want to maintain good digestion, keep sprouted raw chickpeas in breakfast. Carbs in it keep the stomach full for a long time. Additionally, it makes the body stronger. Read details about chickpeas benefits and side effects.

For weight loss what is the best breakfast?

Banana Pancakes: Use banana pancakes as a weight loss breakfast recipe. They are less nutritious than regular baked goods. For cooking, it is better to take whole grain flour: it is less nutritious and contains many useful substances. Peel and garnish 2 bananas. Mix the fruit with 1, 5 tbsp. Flour, 1, 5 tbsp. Kefir, 2 eggs and honey. Fry pancakes in butter or oil. You can bake it in the oven if you want.

What food can not be eaten for breakfast?

Simple carbohydrates. Sugar, baked goods, flour products, pasta. Do not eat saturated fat, cheese, bacon, lard, cream, foods with palm oil, buns, candy, cookies or unnatural sweets.

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Hopefully, you have learned about good weight loss breakfasts from the 20 best breakfast weight loss post. Good weight loss breakfast. Oats are the ultimate weight loss food. You can have Oats for breakfast.

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