How to Cure Insomnia in 12 Minutes?

How to cure insomnia in 12 minutes will be shared in today’s post. Insomnia tends to be manifested as various types of anxiety and mental instability increasing day by day. As a result of not being able to sleep at night, the body becomes ill. Accidents can also happen in people’s lives as they are inattentive to everything including work. Insomnia is when a man does not fall asleep. Intense insomnia is when a man does not fall Sleeping for 7 days at any age or does not last long after falling asleep. And when this condition lasts for about 3 months, it is chronic insomnia. According to doctors, adequate sleep can eliminate insomnia.

Ordinary or solid grown-ups need no less than seven to eight hours of rest an evening. You ought to get no less than six hours of rest an evening, regardless of whether the responsibility is exceptionally high. Dozing under six hours daily can be impeding to well-being. In any case, as a rule, grown-ups need 7-8 hours of rest, youngsters 9-13 hours, and exceptionally small kids 12-16 hours of rest. Sleep boosts the body’s immune system, keeps it free from many diseases, keeps the mind fresh and increases performance. During sleep or rest, the cells of the body get rest and with it, the body releases a substance called a toxin. Good sleep works better than drugs. If you suffer from insomnia then this post is for you. In this post I will share the causes of insomnia and How to cure insomnia in 12 minutes.

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Get Rid of Anxiety:

Research has shown that many people get anxious when they go to sleep. As a result, sleep does not come. This problem is called Ori Times or the time of anxiety. At this time various worries revolve in the head. You want to have a period during the day to contemplate this. Save yourself from all work for now. Spend time in silence at that time. You will see that all these worries will revolve in your head. Therefore, this thought will cause insomnia at night.

When going to bed at night, do not worry about anything or go to bed in a bad mood. The excitement of the brain will keep you awake. This increases the risk of stroke.


Experts in the treatment of insomnia use a method called ‘wind down time’. Separate 1 hour for yourself, it is recommended to read a book, write a diary, take a bath with hot water, and listen to some of the melodies that bring peace of mind.

And the things that are forbidden to do are watching TV before going to sleep, using a computer or mobile phone. Because the bright light on the screen of these devices awakens the brain. As a result, sleep is delayed.

If you can’t sleep at night, read a book. At some point, your eyes will get tired and you will fall asleep. However, if the level of insomnia increases, you must consult a doctor.

Keep yourself relaxed

Those who do not fall asleep even after lying in bed; are given medical advice called ‘Stimulus Control’. The purpose of this is to make your brain think about sleep when you see the bedroom and the bed. With the bedroom so that insomnia does not come to mind.

However, if you do not sleep, do not lie in bed by force. If you can’t sleep even after lying down for 10-20 minutes; Then get out of bed and go to the next room and relax. However, do not use mobile phones or computers; Can read books Then sleep will actually just go back to bed.

Contemplate what you can manage without thinking about what you can’t do while resting. Consider cautiously about yourself and your friends and family.

Do yoga exercises

The most effective way to get Cure insomnia is to do yoga exercises. Doing some light yoga exercises before going to sleep at night relaxes the nerves in the brain. It reduces excess stress and helps you fall asleep.

Many do not do any physical work all day. As a result, the body does not lose energy. Something in the morning for all these people
Exercises such as walking, skipping, cycling, etc. are very useful. It makes the body weak and loses sleep quickly.

Avoid watching mobile and TV:

Do not watch TV or use your mobile while going to bed at night. This causes sleep deprivation and eye strain.

If you do not sleep, many people are anxious to see the time on the clock again and again. It has a bad effect on sleep. So they are advised not to look at the clock. Besides, sleep without leaving the mobile phone under the pillow.

Practice special breathing:

If you can practice special breathing, you will fall asleep quickly. The dress code for that habit is ‘4-6-8’. For those who suffer from insomnia, author Dr. Andrew Weil suggests an easy way out. How to breathe to reach the land of sleep in 12 minutes?

According to the author first, breathe through the nose for four seconds. Then hold your breath for seven seconds. And for the next 7 seconds, exhale gently with your mouth. Breathe like this until you fall asleep. Not for long, you will fall asleep in a minute.

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According to the author, It reduces the effects of chemicals on the heart.

Food to relieve insomnia:

Such countless People take more time to treat sleep deprivation which is exceptionally hurtful to your wellbeing. However, if you are a little conscious, you can get rid of insomnia by eating some food at night. Find out the names of the foods To relieve Insomnia:

  • Honey: One of the many advantages of honey is that it helps a great deal in alleviating sleep deprivation. 30 minutes prior to heading to sleep, take one teaspoon of honey blended in with natural tea or gentle hot milk to dispose of sleep deprivation. Honey assists with cooling the nerves. Thus, rest around evening time is greatly improved, sleep deprivation is wiped out.
  • Almonds: Almonds are another effective food for insomnia. Almonds help increase the amount of the hormone serotonin in the body. This hormone helps the brain to feel happy. Almonds also contain tryptophan and magnesium. 10 to 15 nuts before going to bed at night will help you sleep better.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt: As a dairy product, yogurt contains a lot of calcium. It helps increment the rest chemicals tryptophan and melatonin. So eating yogurt regularly before going to bed at night increases the chances of getting a good night’s sleep. However, this yogurt must be pure. You will get the counter sleep deprivation benefit by eating yogurt made with unadulterated cow’s milk.
  • Herbal Tea: Many people think that caffeine-rich herbal teas like red tea or green tea can interfere with sleep at night. Research has shown that natural tea rich in chamomile diminishes tension and helps Cure sleep deprivation. All in all, green tea plays a vital part in disposing of sleep deprivation.
  • Organic Eggs: Natural eggs contain a sort of amino corrosive called tryptophan. So if natural eggs can be laid in no time before sleep time or at supper, it assists a ton with restoring insomnia. However, you must find the pure and right organic eggs.
  • Grapes-Apples: Grapes are particularly useful in taking out a sleeping disorder. It assists the body with making a lot of the chemical melatonin. Also, this chemical aids in rest. Among different natural products peach apple, banana, these organic products kill sleep deprivation.
  • Bananas: Bananas are wealthy in potassium. Furthermore, the presence of potassium in the human body controls how much rest you get around the evening time. Moreover, tryptophan and magnesium help in getting sleep at night. So you can go to bed at night by eating bananas regularly without sleeping pills. Will sleep, sure!
  • Vegetables: Eating vegetables for regular dinner is no longer a problem caused by insomnia. So avoid heavy meals at dinner and eat vegetables, sleep peacefully!

Dip feet in warm water

Problems with insomnia also occur in those who do extra physical work. Because the thought of work revolves around them all the time.

The nerves in the brain are stimulated which does not allow sleep. So dipping your feet in warm water before going to bed is beneficial. It relaxes the muscles and relieves excess work stress.

Hopefully, you have read the detailed post on How to cure insomnia in 12 minutes and learn how to treat insomnia in 12 minutes. See The Health Tips category to read more articles on health.

How to cure insomnia in 5 minutes

Insomnia can be eliminated in just 5 minutes through breathing exercises. Which is called deep breathing.

Insomnia is a disease?

Doctors say that sleep deprivation is not a disease, but if you do not sleep, various diseases can attack.

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