Disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth

Welcome to this post Disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth. Nowadays many people give great importance to their oral hygiene. They usually brush their teeth twice a day and sometimes go for cleaning. Now that teeth are very popular many people go for cleaning thinking that they can clean. Rinse a lot. Dirty things can make your teeth healthy, but do you all know the disadvantages of teeth cleaning? I believe people who have cleaned their teeth don’t know what else to do with their teeth.

Nowadays, many people take their oral hygiene very seriously. They usually brush their teeth twice a day, and they also go for cleanings occasionally. Nowadays, teeth whitening is very popular. Dirty things can make your teeth healthy, but do you all know the disadvantages of teeth cleaning? I believe that many people who have cleaned their teeth do not know the disadvantages of teeth cleaning.

Nowadays, less and less people are cleaning their teeth. This is also a trend. Many people pay special attention to their dental health. The disadvantages of teeth cleaning should not be well understood or realized.

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Although deep cleaning can cure gum disease, the procedure has its dangers. Disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth include:

  • Your gums may recede
  • May cause nerve damage
  • Possible infection if you have a weak immune system
  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Does not guarantee that your gums will reconnect to your teeth.

Disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth

Toothache: Some people experience toothache during scaling, which is mainly due to root exposure, which is a common manifestation of periodontal disease. Tooth roots are more sensitive to stimuli such as cold, heat, sour and sweet. Therefore, the more severe the periodontal inflammation. will be, the more obvious the root exposure and the more pronounced the pain during treatment.

Teeth cleaning is a highly specialized job, and practitioners must undergo rigorous training to become proficient. There are now some so-called dental cleaning clinics and beauty salons in the market. They can run a teeth cleaning business with simple equipment. Although the price is cheap, the staff, equipment and management are not enough, which will cause serious damage. Patient:

Non-professional teeth cleaning usually only focus on the removal of visible tartar, deep tartar has the strongest pathogenic effect, which cannot achieve the purpose of periodontal disease prevention and treatment.

Non-professional scaling can easily damage the gums, especially when the roots are exposed after tartar removal, if more professional treatment is not done in time, it will not only cause unbearable pain for patients, but will aggravate the condition of periodontal disease.

Because some clinics do not ask for medical history, disinfection is not thorough, and instruments are reused, non-professional teeth cleaning can easily lead to cross-infection of disease.

To cut costs, some clinics cut corners on cleaning materials and “creatively” use detergents, sulfuric acid, etc. to remove smoke stains and tea stains from the teeth, so that the teeth are temporarily “whitened”. This causes the teeth to be cleaner.

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Today’s introduction to the disadvantages of teeth cleaning, everyone should understand something. Although teeth cleaning can protect our dental health, everyone should choose carefully when brushing teeth, and go to regular places. Teeth cleaning should not be done. Visit some small clinic, not only can play the role of protecting teeth, but also can cause other damage to our teeth.

How to clean teeth?

Manual teeth cleaning: Manual teeth cleaning is the removal of plaque and calculus by manual operation, but the operation time is very long, usually about 3 hours.

Ultrasonic cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning removes plaque and calculus by using high-frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves and restoring teeth’ natural color. The operation time is usually about 30-40 minutes.

Why do gums decay?

If you brush your teeth for a long time and deep cleaning teeth the enamel, the hard coating on these teeth, wears away. In a few days, the teeth will tingle with too much cold water or hot water, and will not be able to eat anything. Because of this, the teeth will move away from the gums.

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