Why Christmas is celebrated

Christmas is a yearly Christian celebration. This celebration is commended on the event of the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25 December.

It is not known whether this day is the actual birthday of Jesus or not. According to early Christian belief, Jesus entered Mary’s womb exactly 9 months before this date. It is probably according to this calculation that the date 25 December is considered as the date of Jesus’ birth. Let’s know why we celebrate Christmas.

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Why Christmas is celebrated?

On the other hand, the tradition of celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25 coincides with a historical Roman festival or the Southern Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas Day is the central day of the Christmas holiday and the beginning of the twelve-day Christmas celebration in Christianity.

Christianity came to our country in the 16th century through Portuguese traders and missionaries. 0.03 percent of the population of the world are Christians. But to Bengalis, this day is known as Christmas.

He said that since Jesus gave religion and philosophy to a large number of people, a large part of people around the world followed his religion and philosophy. He who gave such great religion and philosophy is his birthday on 25th December. That is why it is considered Christmas by the people of the Christian community.

He also said that most of the Bengalis who are Christians have converted to this religion. They think Jesus is the one who gave him religion. So they celebrate his birthday with all emotions. That is why the day is considered Christmas for them.

According to him, the practice of celebrating this Christmas started in Bengali society at the end of the 18th century. At the same time, people of this region also started celebrating birthdays in imitation of Europeans, he said.

One of the main attractions of Christmas is Santa Claus in red and white clothes and white hair and a beard. On this night, plow the whole world in a sled pulled by the Volga deer. Hold the gift. Santa Claus gave that gift to all the children.

One of the attractions of Christmas, do you know what Santa Claus is? How did this man with a white beard and a red hat come to be? Why not give gifts to children?

According to history, Saint Nicholas was born in Myra, Rome, 280 years after the death of Jesus Christ. He was born in Patara, present-day Turkey in Asia Minor. He lost his parents in childhood. His only hope and faith in his life were in Jesus Christ. He turned into a vagrant when he was youthful. So he loved the poor children very much.

He was a very noble and charitable person. He had a reputation in Dan-Dakshina as well. He was loved by all for his magnanimity. He was well known as a human protector. According to popular belief, Nicholas used to visit children from house to house on the evening and midnight of December 24. He used to give gifts to poor children. When there was a half moon in the sky, Saint Nicholas would hide and give gifts. He used to find his happiness in this. Since then, Nicholas has been known as Santa.

But Nicholas did not wear red clothes and give gifts. But why Santa Claus clothes red? There is a reason behind this.

According to history, Nicholas was seen wearing brown and other colors. These include purple, white, black and many other colors.

However, the look and structure of the present Santa were created by the American cartoonist Thomas Nast. In 1881, it was he who drew Santa in red in a magazine called Harper Willkie. There is an image of Santa riding in a reindeer sleigh with a bag full of gifts on his shoulders and giving gifts to children from door to door. After that, Santa’s clothes become red and white. And in the celebration of Christmas, this color also dominates.

Thomas Nast also painted Santa in green. But Santa is more popular in red and white clothes. Santa’s face was also enlarged by Thomas. Because Nicholas’s face was rarely seen. Nicholas’s face was often hidden to deliver gifts to children through chimneys. So later Thomas’s uncle became Santa Claus, the favorite of children today.

Banana trees and leaves are used for decoration in rural areas, while Christmas trees, banners and balloons are used in cities. Special programs are held in hotels on this day and Christmas special programs are shown on TV.

Traditional foods at Christmas include Christmas cakes, pies and cookies. Christians visit the church and make Christmas cakes. The church is decorated with lights and Christmas trees. The church choir performed Bengali Christmas songs. The Christmas meal in the church on Christmas morning is called the feast and the kirtan.

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